I was diagnosed with hypo phosphatemic rickets at 18 months and my childhood memories consist of a huge amount of bad experiences with Western Medicine. I'm 62 now so that was in the mid/late 50's. I remember waiting in the different waiting rooms at children s hospital in LA for hours and hours awaiting the torchure of the day they had me scheduled for. One particular one I still have nightmares of was being strapped to a gurney with a bed sheet while a clueless nurse took blood from my juggler vein – I was 18 months old. Or standing naked in an examination room while half dozen interns gaulked at the little boy with the rare disease. I'm sure my subconscious is full of bad experiences with western medicine, but Like Lissa learned I've learned to accept people as they are and accept the fact that my soul chose the experience for growth. It's hard for me to accept some of the ridiculous procedures of western medicine, but at least now I'm old enough to speak up for myself and tell the doctor to go fly a kite if I feel like it. I applaud Lissa and her efforts to reform western medicine – it's about time.

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Comment by Ken Jaques on January 29, 2016 at 9:44am

Thanks for sharing your story Mike. Indeed, it is time to reform western medicine. Thanks for being part of the solutions.

Cheers, Ken (Community Manager)


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