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Neem: An Ideal Natural Organic Fertiliser

The term "compost" is the mix off decaying plant, animal and other organic materials that are decomposed through aerobic decomposition. The associated with the materials becomes a rich, black soil, used for planting and gardening. The soil that comes from composting is beneficial for the land given that it acts as a fertilizer and conditioner. With a growing concern for space for landfills, enjoy a growing require for the recycling by associated with…


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Is Health Care the Perfect Business Model (or does it need Healing)

I’ve been working on a business model for a new initiative for some time now, and as part of the process I have looked at other business models that are already in place. As I was reviewing the health care model, the idea came to me that it may be almost perfect. I look at a few aspects of this model below, then pause to ask another question or two. I hope this is a very light read, but I also hope it gets you to pause and think about some of the…


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Cracking the Healthcare Culture Code


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Scars from western medicine

I was diagnosed with hypo phosphatemic rickets at 18 months and my childhood memories consist of a huge amount of bad experiences with Western Medicine. I'm 62 now so that was in the mid/late 50's. I remember waiting in the different waiting rooms at children s hospital in LA for hours and hours awaiting the torchure of the day they had me scheduled for. One particular one I still have nightmares of was being…


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Deliberate cancer remission and never get cancer again! Are you interested?

I am currently making some videos to explain how this can be achieved. Thousands of people worldwide have had a spontaneous remission of cancer but the media never reports them so people do not hear about them. This is reporting bias.

I found that cancer involves a cheat. Bad news! Actually it is good news because if you are humane it means you only need to see through the cheat to get healthy and never get cancer again.

What do I mean? Here is a simple analogy. You…


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Enjoying your Driving Experience

Enjoying the Drive in your Car by True (1/15/13)

Each time we walk to our car, open the door, climb into the seat, & insert our key in the ignition; it involves hundreds if not thousands of neuromuscular decisions & actions. We may have performed these same acts for years without knowing that we’re unconsciously tense or mindless in the doing of them. When we’re not paying…


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Peaceful - Aware - Defenseless driving

Revolutionize the Way you Drive

True Alisandre. (7/30/15) Savannah, Georgia


              Revolutionize the way you drive!         Revolutionize How You Drive!



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A Spiritual Approach To Dealing With Adverse Drug Reactions

Toyota’s latest TV ad is funny. And telling.

A photographer finds himself waist-deep in a Louisiana bayou. As he reaches down to balance himself on a log, he’s bitten by a large snake that quickly slithers away.…


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Is Matter Just ‘A Big Fat Lie?’

 “Why doesn’t your butt fall through the chair?”

That may sound like a silly question. But if you were to take a stroll through the mind of astrophysicist Adam Frank – the man who asked the question – you might think otherwise.…


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Can We Be Scared Into Being Healthier?

Anyone over 40 likely remembers the TV ad.

A man standing next to a kitchen stove picks up an egg.

“This is your brain,” he says. “This is drugs,” he continues, pointing to the…


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What It Really Means To Be Debt Free

It was a moment that can only be described as the grace of God: Reciting the Lord’s Prayer with a dozen friends during a lunchtime meeting and realizing, mid-prayer no less, that no one owes me a thing. Not money. Not a token of their appreciation. And most importantly, no apology.

I’d repeated this prayer a thousand times…


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Is There A Cure For Allergies?

Check out the latest Google Trends and you’ll see that searches for all things “allergy” are peaking this month, just like they do every year about this time, marking the start of what The San Francisco Chronicle recently dubbed “sneazin’ season.” But despite all this searching, it would appear that we’re not getting any closer to finding a fix for a…


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In Search Of A Cure For Cancer

Until recently, any recovery from serious disease not involving medical intervention was usually dismissed as little more than “spontaneous remission,” generally defined as the unexpected disappearance of a particular ailment by inexplicable means. These days, however, there appears to be a growing willingness to re-examine such dramatic changes in an individual’s health as potential harbingers of how even “the…


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Redefining The Mind-Body Connection

As trailblazing as it may seem, the field of mind-body medicine may actually be stuck in the mud, trying in vain to extract itself from the idea that matter is the be-all and end-all of existence.

Even as it acknowledges decidedly non-matter-based factors like compassion, companionship and an absence of stress as essential to…


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You Can’t Google Intuition

During a familiar and oft-quoted exchange just before his crucifixion, Jesus is asked by Pontius Pilate that singular question that continues to reverberate some two thousand years later:

“What is truth?”

Apparently, the folks at Google…


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Conquering The Contagion of Fear

When the prophet Job declared, “the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me,” little did he know he was describing what folks today might call the nocebo effect, that little-known cousin (some say “evil twin”) of the placebo effect that causes people to experience adverse physical reactions because they’ve been convinced – or convinced themselves – that an otherwise inert pill or medical procedure could cause…


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It’s Not What We Say But What We See That Heals

Naomi Feil begins by caressing the face of her patient as a mother would her child – wiping away a tear, letting her know she’s not alone. Then she begins to sing quietly:

“Jesus loves me, this I know / For the Bible tells me so.”…


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In Love, There Are No ‘Shades Of Grey’

Despite the fact that nearly every critic on the planet gave it an emphatic thumbs-down (current Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer rating: 26%), “Fifty Shades of Grey” still managed to rake in more money over the Presidents Day weekend than any other movie in history. Go figure.…


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Can Better Health Be Bought?

There was a time during the late Middle Ages when anyone with enough cash on hand could appeal to the local church “pardoner” for the remission of their sins, in effect buying their way to heaven. The bigger the pardon (for instance, salvation from eternal damnation), the larger the donation, ensuring, if not a rosy afterlife, a well-funded Crusade and a first-rate cathedral.…


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Defeating the Demon of Teen Suicide

At a recent meeting in Palo Alto, home to Stanford University and epicenter of Silicon Valley, a standing-room-only crowd gathered to figure out why, after years of effort, there still doesn’t seem to be any let up in the number of high school students choosing to take their own lives.

"I know there's an urge to blame," said…


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