Top 10 List - How to Put the Care Back in Healthcare

I'm often asked how I would heal the healthcare system, and I give a lot of responses for ideas that would start us in the right direction. Today I just started typing a Top 10 list of the first thoughts that came to mind, and I have 9. I will continue to refine this.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree with these? What have I missed?

1. Remove GMOs - until further scientific testing

2. Adjust education system to teach the "known root causes" of many illnesses (diet, stress, emotions) as part of the curriculum for all

3. Cover the costs of licensed CAM practitioners that are focused on root cause

4. Use what is known about placebo and nocebo effects as part of treatment protocols

5. Remove lobbyists from government (I realize this is a tall task, yet there are changes that are required here)

6. Modify the Food Guide to catch up to what we've learned - more focus on fruits and vegetables

7. Ban harmful pesticides until further testing

8. Adjust medical school training to learn to work with patients to diagnose and solve root cause

9. Create engaged "healthy communities" where each member contributes to the wellbeing of the entire community

10. ???

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My #1 would be to teach that everyone is functioning as a healer or harmer in every interaction with every person, within healthcare or out at the bar. We just don't recognize it. Our beliefs, knowledge, intentions, and actions have either benign or malignant effects on ourselves and each other. Becoming aware of that the most powerful medicine there is.

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