Hi to everyone out there, feels great to be here , a big hug and Thankyou to Lisa and the rest of the team behind this online community. Looking forward to learning a lot here and feeling more empowered. Reading through the first few pages of Lisa's book Mind over medicine , it felt like I was reading my own story . I am a super mom ( single parent) and work for a corporate group , I know I don't fit in here but I am trying to make it work for me by practising my style of medicine at my own pace , by sort of detaching myself from most of my colleagues- the fast Drs, practising what I call drive through medicine . I have been told off by them several times , saying that my kind of practice wasn't financially viable . My dream is to be in a wellness clinic practising integrative medicine , along with practitioners from various other modalities ranging from acupuncture to energy healing . I have put it out to the universe to show me my team members for this wellness clinic , looking forward to working with a team of equally passionate souls to - replace the I with We - replace illness with wellness . Am sincerely hoping that signing up for this online group will help me in my journey. Thankyou again, Lisa and all of you in this group

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Greeting Sairaah,

I saw this post a couple days ago but have been away from my laptop and am just now responding. I think you share the same dream as many, and certainly the same dream as me.

I have often thought of the word "centre" as being very important and think of the wellness practice you talk about as a "healing centre" or a "wellness centre". It's a place where people can "find their centre", their balance in the mind-body-spirit connection.

I REALLY resonated with your "replacing illness with wellness comment". There is a Malcolm X quote that you may know -- "When 'I' is replaced with 'we', even I-llness becomes WE-llness."

I have been creating a business plan for the type of "centre" that you describe, with both a physical and a virtual component. I am meeting people as we speak to bring the plan into fruition and to find funding for the initiative.

I think you're in a good place. I hope that we can find the others :)

Cheers, Ken (Community Manager)

This comment of Malcolm X  -- "When 'I' is replaced with 'we', even I-llness becomes WE-llness." is well meant but it is wishful thinking. There are psychopathic/ toxic people, who are probably around 10 to 20 % of the population, whose primary aim is narcissistic supply, i.e., to get pleasure from seeing the hurt in others and if they helped cause it then they consider that pleasure greatest. These people will never become a part of "we".

The big change that I see is needed is for the doctors, who are humane, to collectively stand up to the pharmaceutical industry and that can be best done by asserting the reality that the body is purpose driven and not a machine. The evidence is stark but being ignored because a machine justifies drugs and surgery, i.e., physical means as the only solution.

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