I am a cancer coach and try to help people shift their view of cancer from life-threatening to potentially life-enhancing. I have seen so many people transform their life as a result of their cancer, transformations that they would not even have considered before their diagnosis! 

Like Lissa, I feel that everything that comes into and goes out of our life is purposeful in some way and I believe that cancer is no exception. Cancer can be a powerful teacher and instigator of profound change.  That is one reason I love coaching cancer patients, they have a willingness to step out of their comfort zone because the status quo no longer feels safe.  This allows them to take that leap of faith and possibly find their calling!





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Thank you for sharing this. While my diagnosis is not cancer, it is rheumatoid arthritis and I couldn't agree with you more on this assessment. I have often said to people that the most amazing thing I've discovered on this healing journey is "me". I am certainly not the man I was before the diagnosis, and I am very grateful for the wake-up call. Now if we can just get on with the healing and continue to empower people and patients to experience this wake-up call prior to any diagnosis.

Cheers, Ken

Hello Jackie

Such a cool job you got, wish I were you....

You are right even cancer can be turned into something positive, it is all up to each of us how we perceive it. What terrible responsibility to face that truth! Endless possibilities and huge responsibility.

I wish we could teach this to people before they get the cancer. How to make them listen?

Yep I could imagine that some want to step out of the ordinary, I have had a partner who died of cancer 22 years ago. I knew then that it could have been prevented, but it was too late. Anyway I believe strongly that cancer can be cured, but it will as you say change your life no matter what happens on the journey. 

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