Injecting some light and energy back into this forum

Greetings. . .seems like this forum has lost its steam and thought I'd inject some energy and light back into it if anyone is still participating in it.

I am an herbalist, detoxification specialist and life coach. I trained and worked with the former President of the American Medical Naturopathic Association and work with people with all sorts of conditions all the way up to late stage cancer all over North America.

I wrote an article recently on that I thought might be of value to the group outlining the power of really listening to your patients and clients in a way that they really feel heard and unconditionally loved so that they can just relax, let go of comparing themselves to others or beating themselves up and create an environment for healing. Mostly practitioners quickly jump to treating, managing health conditions without fully getting where their clients are at and I've found the act of really listening often produces miracles where nothing else seems to work.

Anyhow . . .the article is here and has some examples of how this played out with cancer cases.

Hope you enjoy

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