I've been coughing consistently for several months now. Last summer I was told I had many allergies that I never had before. And it was suggested that I get allergy shots which I really didn't want to do. Also, to start taking Singulair which I finally started doing back in December of 2016. (last year). And  the cough subsided a lot. Then, about 2 to 3 weeks ago, the cough came back pretty bad again. I finally decided to try an exercise that I read about in Lissa's book, "Mind Over Medicine," also, from Dr. Rachael A.  I started to write a letter to my cough saying, "Dear Throat,"  (I felt a little silly but)... I went a little deep and asked it "what is the matter,"  "what are you trying to say to me."  Right away I felt very emotional and it said, "I miss my dad."  (Who passed away in Oct. of 2015)  I remembered I started getting these symptoms a few months after he died. And strangely enough, he also had suffered from bad allergies while living down the shore near where I am. He would cough and sneeze and clear his throat a lot- similar to what I've been experiencing all these months. After I did this exercise, a little over a week ago, the coughing ceased. Like magic. It really ceased. Only when I started thinking about writing this post since yesterday, I've been coughing a little bit.(Not sure why). (Psychosymatic)? Yet, nothing like before. Anyway, I still keep taking the Singulair, maybe I can do without the shots?  I see my regular doctor tomorrow and this may be discussed.  

  Thanks for reading this post.  Feedback is welcomed.  Leslie Notis

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