Free offer for beta-testers in self-healing program

Hi everyone, I've recently spent months putting together a self-healing program, for depression but also any kind of imbalance - for it's a program for growing and healing from soul level. Involves a lot of wisdom, meditation and some vibrational tools. Please check it out, watch the free presentation and for more details on the journey watch the 2nd day presentation or details on this page I have to eventually charge for it, to sustain it and reach to as many in need as possible, but for now it's totally Free while I'm fine-tuning it. So If you're interested in joining my beta-testers group. All you have to do is participate in the program, give me feedback (good and bad) and get some healing done!

I'm also calling out to all the beautiful integrative doctors and physicians in this group. If you are willing and able to allow me to refer/recommend participants to you, should they wish to work naturally with healing on every level of themselves but need the support and supervision of a doctor as well, esp if they can't find or don't know one. Please message me... Many thanks.

Thank you Heal Health Care Now for letting me post this free offer here.  

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