Hi everybody! It is great to be here with all the visionary minds:). I am a dentist and i am interested in everything related to mind body connection nd alternative healing. I live in Romania and my training was the traditional one for a medical school. Go to the doctor, take pills, feel better no questions asked. But i feel it is more than that. I was wondering how can i improve my work in my dental office, how can i use this wisdom of the mind body connection? If you have any ideas on what i could change or add please share them. Or if you know someone who is doing it already please give me a link so i can follow them. Any resources links, book titles, courses etc are highly appreciated. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be here! All the best!

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Hi Andreea - I love that as a traditional medical provider you are interested in alternative healing.  That is fantastic.  I think dentistry has such an important part to place in health and wellness given the studies suggesting root canals and mercury fillings are very likely causes of health issues in many people.  I would suggest taking a look at becoming a biological dentist.  There are many examples on the internet of dentists who are practicing more holstic dentistry through this whole new field.  Good luck!  Julie

Thanks, Julie! I will look it up on the Internet and see what i can apply! All the best! Andreea

Hi Andreea,

I was a fellow dentist just like yourself and dentistry never seemed to do it for me and I always felt there was something more. This could come from my fascination from a young age with the mind or the fact that as you stated both dentistry and medicine seem to have  a traditional pop pill approach or prescribe fluoride etc. I went on to work as a biological practice for a while and then through synchronicity and education I transitioned into working with people who suffer with Mind Body Syndrome and chronic pain as well as educating and facilitating change for people with limiting beliefs holding them back from perusing who they truly are.  It's actually synchronicity that led me to this post today and reading your post is what led me to sign up just so that I could reply to it.

It's amazing that you want to integrate more into your practice and offer more to the people you treat, the question is, what is the reason behind you being a dentist? what is your highest excitement? When you can determine the reason WHY you do what you do, you can start to learn more about how to add more value. Have a think about that, and I'd be more than happy to discuss this a lot more with you if you'd like.


Great discussion folks, this is so inspiring for anyone who believes that we have to do more than just prescribe medications and stop there. It's great to see that dentists are considering the mind-body-spirit connection as well.

Namaste, Ken (Community Manager)

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