I just read Dr. Rankin's article "To do or not to do" and I totally relate to everything she says. I am quitting medicine. For good. I am in school part time for Speech and Language Pathology, but I would like a different kind of job while I finish this Second Bachelor's. It would be great to just quit and find something else, but I am a single mom and have a hard time making ends meet. I just cannot come up with ideas on what could be a gentler job for me since all my  training in is Medicine. I just cannot work in traditional medicine anymore. So if someone here has any idea of what jobs I could look for it would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hello Cristina, I would say the answer would have to come from you. A suggestion would be to find a quiet time, place maybe in nature or a park..where you can just meditate and be in the moment to listen to that inner place in you. Connect with the energy around you...breathe listen.. what are your passions..what do you love more than anything else..something that makes your heart sing.. and you are so good at it too...maybe something that came naturally to you as a young child...or something that you found latter on in life.. that others ask your advice about Listen to the clues that life has been sending out to you. Get a glimpse of what that may be. Then once you find out. See how you can incorporate this into what you are doing..or look for something a job that you may be able to work it into..team up with a friend. You would have to start somewhere... begin by listening and sensing what feels right for you.. then you take a step... you may have to tweak it a little on the way ...but that is what life is a discovery of yourself and your passions. 

Live with kindness, forgiveness and love...and it will come..breathe..listen...connect...

Hope it helps..

Thank you   for   your   reply. I have   been   away   from the  forum   for some time  but I am working   on   what   I   have   decided  to pursue .  I am studying  to be a speech   language   pathologist. This way I don't   feel   like   I   wasted my medical   training, I will   be   able to help others without   playing the "prescription  provider" game. It is   hard to   balance work, family and school, but I   am doing   it! 

Sounds great Cristina, remember one door closes and another opens...our choices lead us to where we belong ultimately...we may take the long road or the short road ...but ultimately we get there if listen to what we know our passion is ...we are the directors of our destiny .. and we also get in our own way.... changes bring new roads that open up before us and makes our quest more attainable... good luck and keep on doing it.....with loving kindness, Rose

Thank you Rosie

HI Cristina - I totally understand your frustration.  I was in healthcare for 15 years and quit because it left my drained, depressed, frustrated and depleted.  I ended up going into health coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. There are a lot of coaching opportunities that are on-line programs and are doable even while working and parenting.  It's just a thought.  If you want to talk with me more, feel free to reply to this message and I'll be happy to share my email address with you.  Julie Trager

Hiya, I have been feeling the same way though I am a pharmacist - I am a mum too and found it incredibly difficult to go back after maternity leave but circumstances meant that I wanted the security of the income too much to give up. I'm now starting to come round to the belief that giving up is not the answer because Healthcare needs us. Healthcare needs conscious practitioners so if we give up, we can't help heal it. Can you reduce hours? Get temp work that has no politics attached? I find that embracing my spiritual side has dramatically reduced the frustration I feel at work, as has writing angry letters if something p's me off (don't send them though!), bashing pillows and making sure I make time for creativity, and yoga. Extreme self care basically. At the very least, tune in to your intuition - it will tell you what's right for you and what path you are meant to take. Love and Light to you

Sorry just read the other replies and realised this was a while ago! Love Rosie NP's reply! Glad you've found the path <3

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