Hello Everyone!  I'm looking to talk to someone who runs this website.  Does Lissa Rankin ever get involved talking in the forums?  I'm suffering from depression and feel low and down everyday.  It started when something was bothering me and it really became an obsession with myself.  I even started panic attacks which just added more anxiety to the problem.  I did get help and my doctor helped me to get over it.  Talking to someone helps, but when my problem went away, my lows just stayed there.  I thought I would feel better once obsessions leave oneselve but the lows I had with the obessions still hung on.  It's a long story how it started, but being insecure didn't help any. Thoughts when idle are so dangerous to me.  The thoughts just go on and on.  I've tried medications and exercise and try to eat right but my lows didn't go away.  I do have ups and downs but can't seem to hold on to the up feelings.  I'm married and have one son and a nice home but still feel that something is missing.  Meditation helps but feel like I need more.  I am tired of reading books and listening to CD's.  I do enjoy watching youtube and that's when I found Lissa Rankin.  Very smart girl.  Can anyone relate?  Thank you

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