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We look forward to your participation in the group. Look around, get involved, make suggestions, reach out to other people that resonate with you.

If you have suggestions, please send an email to


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New To This Site? Welcome!

Thank you SOOO much for joining the revolution to put the "care" back in health care by becoming a community member here at!  When we first posted this site, our intention was to give everyone who wants to be part of the solution a chance to get involved. But the community is blissfully snowballing into something much bigger, so we wanted to give you a heads up.

We are planning big things for this site, which will include:

  • A whole new Wordpress website in addition to a community forum
  • Blogs that correspond with each stone of the Whole Health Cairn (Relationships, Work/Life Purpose, Creativity, Spirituality, Sexuality, etc.)
  • Ways you can get involved on a grass roots level to influence how health care is delivered and received in your neck of the woods
  • A directory of health care providers and healers that embrace this enlightened form of health care so you can find the right support on your healing journey (or if you're a health care provider or healer, how clients can find you)
  • Guidance with how you can write The Prescription for yourself
  • Resources and products that will help you nurture every stone in your Whole Health Cairn
  • Forums for putting into practice the 6 Steps To Healing Yourself that are taught in Mind Over Medicine
  • Videos, articles, documentaries and other curated content that will help us collectively envision and bring into being a healed health care system
  • And more...

Lissa has been busy spreading her vision for how to heal health care at hospitals, performing art centers, and other gatherings around the country as part of her book tour for her New York Times bestselling book Mind Over Medicine. She also just wrapped up filming Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine, a 90 minute public television special that aired on PBS stations nationwide in September 2013.

We were initially planning to throw a launch party July 11, but because wants to be something even bigger than we originally envisioned, we're delaying the official launch.  Right now we have just over 3,500 members, but by the time we launch and Lissa's public television special has aired live, we expect thousands more.

In the interim, feel free to take advantage of the resources we have now!

You can participate by:

  • Download Lissa's free ebook 12 Ways You Can Help Heal Health Care, which is available on the site
  • Watch Lissa's 3 TEDx talks and spread the word
  • Join the discussions on the forum and make your voice known
  • Check out the resources we've posted in the Resources section of the site
  • Order Lissa's book Mind Over Medicine, share it with your health care providers or clients, or host a book club around the ideas presented in it
  • Get ready to participate in Lissa's 40 day teleclass series Take Back Your Health (we'll be announcing details soon!)
  • Add your name to the waiting list for the 2015 Whole Health Medicine Institute programs here

We hope you'll stick with us as we build the rest of this site, so stay tuned! Thank you again for your participation, your patience, and your commitment to being part of the solution.

With love and gratitude,

The team

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A Spiritual Approach To Dealing With Adverse Drug Reactions

Toyota’s latest TV ad is funny. And telling.A photographer finds himself waist-deep in a Louisiana bayou. As he reaches down to balance himself on a log, he’s bitten by a large snake that quickly slithers away.Fearing that his life is in danger, he hops into his 4Runner (the real focus of the ad) and begins driving through the remote wilderness at breakneck speed until he sees a group of fishermen.…See More
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Is Matter Just ‘A Big Fat Lie?’

 “Why doesn’t your butt fall through the chair?”That may sound like a silly question. But if you were to take a stroll through the mind of astrophysicist Adam Frank – the man who asked the question – you might think otherwise.“Consider, for a moment, the chair your butt is resting on right now,” writes Frank in a recent column. “It's made of a squillion atoms right? And since it's a…See More
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Can We Be Scared Into Being Healthier?

Anyone over 40 likely remembers the TV ad.A man standing next to a kitchen stove picks up an egg.“This is your brain,” he says. “This is drugs,” he continues, pointing to the piping hot skillet in front of him.Then, after cracking the egg into the skillet, he says, “This is your brain on drugs.”…See More
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